Moodle - Whats new?

This is an updated service created and supported by JCC IT Services with the aim of creating an engaging platform for teacher and students alike.

By deploying this new version of Moodle we aimed to resolve a number of long standing issues whilst also taking advantage of a number of new capabilities and features.

To learn more about the changes, please read the article below.

Let explore the changes that we have made and how they might impact on you.


It is much faster!

Improvising the speed was a key requirement and we have achieved a 10 x speed improvement depending on the use case. Our old version of Moodle took on average 12 seconds to load a course page. This is now down to 1.87 seconds. Subsequent visits are much faster at around 400 milliseconds.

If you do experience a slow page, please make ITS aware of it. We can often perform optimisations that can drastically improve your experience.

Finding your way around the site is now much easier. The breadcrumb works as it should ensuring that know where you are and where you have come from. We have simplified the organisation of courses to reduce the number of clicks needed to get to your destination.

You can also search for a course. Full search is coming soon which will allow you to search for any resource in Moodle.

Now modern, scalable and easier to use

This is the latest version of Moodle, compared to the older version which was installed in 2012. And it is much easier to update. This means that as new features come along we will be able to take advantage of them.

In building this new instance we also needed to ensure that we didn’t fall into the trap of creating a service that wasn’t able to cope with future demand. Therefore we have defined a scalable infrastructure which will ensure that Moodle remains performant and is able to cope with additional demand into the future.

These changes help to ensure that Moodle is rewarding to use, both from a teaching and learning perspective. For example, you can now drag and drop files into Moodle and reposition them easily.

Responsive design for mobile devices

On average 500 to 600 student now access the Student Wi-Fi service every day, from a mobile device. It is a basic assumption that a web site should look correct on a phone or tablet so we are happy to announce that Moodle now formats itself correctly from any device.

Your feedback is important

This service can only be a success with your involvement. Whether you are teacher creating engaging resources or a student trying to learn, you all have thoughts and ideas that would be useful to use.

Please send your feedback to

Last modified: Sunday, 28 August 2016, 6:38 PM